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I’m still planning this. Really just put it up while between references in my anthropology paper. There will be more later. Maybe. I might just hide the whole lot. I really need to figure out how to make this make sense without hand-waving “it’s magic” as an excuse and see how races and classes fit in. Need verisimilitude, you know. But for what it’s worth, I’m trying to create a continent where imbalances caused the spirits of the land to create havoc, wrecking the previous civilization and allowing a new one to spring up. I’m going for the Japanese “there’s a spirit in everything, even manufactured stuff you own” kind of deal, but I’ll tweak it later. I don’t want this to just feel like psuedo-Oriental and leave a bad taste in the mouth. Mortals restructured themselves in two different ways depending on how they work with the spirits. Coarser peoples learned to commune and placate the spirits, so they live in nomadic tribes with shamanistic traditions. The lone standing “civilized” civilization is walled off in a complete circle, but it encompasses its city and farmland. They value magic that destroys or blocks spirits to keep them from entering. The ruling family will probably be a strong line of sorcerers that are able to fight the spirits off successfully. One of those “the guy that lopped off the most heads gets to be the lord of the land” deals. Again, I need to figure out how the spirits manifest so I know what to pull out of the Bestiary, I need to think about which races and classes will make sense and if I need to tweak or remove anything. Right now, I’m on the fence about wizards just because the old knowledge was destroyed, so I don’t know how long it took them to write it down and if they were able to before the old cronies dropped dead. Gnomes will probably be a big race here since they’re fey derived. Elves to a lesser extent. They’re like 12th cousin, three times removed on your half-brother’s side fey, which means practically not fey. Oh well. Here’s hoping I’m not rewriting everything.

Enjoy the wall of text.

Spirits Run Rampant